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Do I ever get nervous?

First blog so please be gentle.

One of the FAQ that I always get is “do I ever get nervous?”

The answer is Yes... Always!

Performers who say they don’t are either fools or liars. To make that performance or song memorable and give every single person that unique incite to the performance you have to be nervous. It gives you that edge, the adrenaline that keeps you on track with the message that song brings.

In Opera it is even more so. It’s usually sung in a different language. You have to be nervous on the night that the amount of rehearsals just can’t just give you on the night.

But it can go the other way If the aria is well known like Nessun Dorma, people want to hear that end note. The rest of the song can be beautiful but if you tense due to nerves you can not sound as resonant and sometimes even crack.

Any questions are always welcome and more blogs are on their way!