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Support, in more ways than one...

I wasn’t originally going to do this topic but with some recent progress made in my career it seemed right to do so.

Support is a massive ingredient for singers, it’s the breath that carries a note as long as possible, loud as possible or even as quiet and delacate as possible without breath support my voice wouldn’t be able to carry itself.

If you see singers with vains popping out of their necks and look red faced they are tensing the wrong area, it should look easy and the only thing that should be tense is your “core” or diaphragm to contain the support.

Support is actually a multitude of things as well, believe it or not being a singer is not as glamorous as what people expect. We work long unsociable hours we rarely see family as we are dashing off from one job to another. We constantly think of being better and how to be better and often we think we have fallen short of that.

Being an artist is quite emotionally exhausting and it can really get in to your mind and this is where you need to have the support from your friends and family. Having that support around you when you head isn’t in it or when you don’t feel good enough is so powerful that it can change things instantly.

I’m very lucky to have the family and friends I have. People who know me or have read my bio in my CD will be able to see this as I refer to my family a lot. They would help me at the drop of a hat (and have!) They put up with my moments of sadness and grumpiness, being late home, missing family tea, being antisocial not seeing me for days on end. To have that support all around me has made me get to where I am today. If people said where I am now 7-8 years ago I would of laughed in their faces but that’s life!...(cue music)

Making the website is not down to me as I don’t have a clue, but my brother and sister in law have done this I’m afraid I cannot take any credit for the fantastic work they have done on this website and for the hours I have spent at their house and eating their food (thanks for that by the way)