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The Charity we have chosen for An Enchanted Evening is!....

Now there are many wonderful charities world wide that come to the needs of those who are sick, homeless, defenceless, poor or terminally ill. Proving that there are some wonderful people out there that do what they can for anyone who needs help.

It has been a tough decision for the enchanted team to decide which worthy cause to pick, but we have decided to donate to Dementia Yorkshire.

We all know or have had a personal touch with this horrendous disease and that we should provide care and support for the patients but also friends and families that have suffered as well.

We hope this will inspire you to come not only come to the event on the 9th of June to enjoy a family day out with great food, drink and of course music but knowing you all made a difference.

I hope none of you have to experience this illness but I hope you know the support is there if it should happen.