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Not long now!

The anticipation of a concert is the worst bit for me. So many worries go around my head that sometimes the factors are out of my control.

I was lucky enough to have my two night long service stay at my work and (I was even more so when i got an executive suite! Thanks boss 😊) However I kept drifting in a world of my own, my mind constantly thinking of my repertoire, the weather, my voice and most importantly the audience in attendance.

Now a lot of people buy tickets online especially modern day concerts but with my audience a lot of them like to buy tickets on the night which is great! But... this leaves me waiting to the last minute to see whether I’m singing to myself or a sell out.

As iv mentioned in my previous blog about my nerves this certainly doesn’t help but this is why I do it. This massive adrenaline rush when you step out to applause and finish your first song usually in my case with a big high note at the end. The nerves then subside and I can begin to really give it all in every song. 

After all you are only as good as your last song.

The event this weekend is at Bederan Hall and tickets are available online via the link below or on the door which is cash only!