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Being Yorkshire

I love being a local lad, Yorkshire is a beautiful part of the world. It is not only part of my image but somewhere I am proud to be from. My June the 9th concert is all about being local, I wanted local people from York and Selby and the surrounding areas I wanted as many people as two can to enjoy local talent. For me why look so far where there is so many local talents on our door step.

That’s why I wanted Ionica who is from Thirsk and The Mount School choir who are all local. Not only are they all talented and local the charity I wanted to have was Dementia Yorkshire which is not only close to me but for so many. 

I’m so proud of where I am from, Selby and York have been so good to me. I hope to see you all at Escrick Park on 9th of June for you all to spend some great family moments and live musical talents.

See you soon!